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When to start your photo booth

In almost 7 years of experience in running photo booths for special event, we have found that the best thing to do is to start the photo booth as soon as guests enter. The reason for this is that when the photobooth is not available at the beginning of the night we have found the following to be true: * Some guests become dissapointed that the photobooth is not available when they want to use it. * It takes much longer for guests to start warming up to using the photobooth when it is opened later in the night. Therefore less photos are taken. Alternatively, when the photo booth is available from the beginning, when guests enter we have found that: * As soon as guests start using the photo booth, and they bring back their pictures to their table, it starts an avalanche of people coming to the booth. * Guests warm up to the photobooth much quicker. As a result you get better value and enjoyment of the photo booth at your event when you start when guests arrive. At MomentUSfoto, we arrive an hour prior to guest arrival and are ready to go as soon as guests enter.   quote
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